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Prices Current trasport prices
Initial charge 4,10 zł
1st tariff 2,20 zł
On Sundays and bank holidays and on weekdays from 22:00-06:00 3,30 zł/km
1 hour stop 36,00 zł
Prices for courses outside the city – to negotiate
Shopping (at nihgt, on Sundays and bank holidays) min. 22 zł (25 zł)
Deliveries min. 20zł
Draining the vehicle - 1st tariffe x3 min. 30 zł
Towing - III tarrife min. 30 zł
Car starting min. 20 zł
Bus, combi (extra charge for access) 8 zł
Air condition and child seat - free

Existing in the Radio Taxi 1-9194 prices may be negotiationed

Our numbers:

  • (56) 1-9194
  • (56) 654-01-01
  • Free line
  • 800 181 041
  • Call or send sms
  • 691 99 91 94
Taxi Toruń

Our services

Taxi Association offers a wide range services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer the courses with children to school, fast courier and shopping. Check out our current offer...!

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Taxi Toruń

Do not overpay!

Our company strives to meet the needs of our customers, so we offer you high quality service and competitive prices compared to other companies. Stay focused and do not overpay! You really do not have to...

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Taxi Toruń

Supreme comfort

Our cars are subject to continuous monitoring and exchange so that the journey with us is a pleasure for each of our clients. You do not have to worry about poor taxi you are running. From now on, you can rest assured of comfortable travel conditions ...

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